convene - collaborate - create

convene - collaborate - create

In 2019 we engaged our partners in collaborative projects as part of our new Convene, Collaborate and Create campaign to find bold solutions to chronic problems. This campaign continues to focus on tapping the energy and creativity of enlightened leaders, encouraging them to minimize their organization's silos and recognize the potential of working together with other like-minded nonprofits.

As a result of this approach, we have created over 30 initiatives from coast to coast. We continue to challenge ourselves and our partners to look at themselves and their programs, recognizing their strengths should be shared and weaknesses shored up through working together. The collaborative process requires that egos be checked, teamwork encouraged, redundancies eliminated, and creativity rewarded. Not all of our initiatives have lived up to their potential, and we wouldn't expect them to. Entrepreneurial approaches require that you not fear failure; you learn from it, apply those lessons to future initiatives, and move on. Below are links to some of the collaborative efforts we have helped facilitate. 

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