convene - collaborate - create Safety & Security Initiatives

convene - collaborate - create Safety & Security Initiatives

Stimson Center & Wilson Kennan Center

SAGA is providing the resources necessary to convene a working group of American and Russian Scientists to promote and enhance scientific cooperation and exchange between both country’s scientific communities. Sadly, the Russian invasion of Ukraine has forced us to place this project on hold until the unwarrented occupation of Ukraine has come to a rightful conclusion. 

Stimson Initiative

In 2019, SAGA funded the launch of the Loomis Innovation Council, which is an initiative approach to moving beyond policy development and into operational deployment to address society’s most significant challenges: security, global warming, media technology, sustainable energy. Since its inception, the Loomis Innovation Council has been at the forefront of innovation in Renewable Energy, Blockchain enhancing the security of nuclear materials, and machine learning. 

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