convene - collaborate - create Leadership Initiatives

convene - collaborate - create Leadership Initiatives


This initiative focused on bringing the About-Face program to San Mateo County in partnership with our grantee The Redwood City Library Foundation. About-Face is an organization focused on educating girls and young women about harmful body image media messaging. In Spring 2020, About-Face partnered with the Library to bring programing to the community and will continue  expanding its programs into the SAGA funded library’s “Makers-Space” innovation lab.

Baylands 2020 Vision Capital Improvement Campaign

This effort focuses on expanding The First Tee of Silicon Valley’s reach into the San Francisco Bay Area’s mid-peninsula by embarking on a capital improvement campaign at Baylands Golf Links. This campaign looks to increase participation at the Baylands to over 2,000 participants over the next three years. The 2020 Vision Capital Campaign at Baylands Golf Course will serve as a touchstone model of the TFTSV program in action. This will be accomplished by supporting state-of-the-art improvements to the course, adding classrooms, and expanding the practice area. This initiative has been put on hold due to Covid-19.


Connecting Positive Coaching Alliance with The First Tee

This collaborative effort was successful in integrating program initiatives at both the national and regional levels of both organizations. Saga facilitated improved coaching and volunteerism at the chapter level for The First Tee (TFT) and Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA). As the TFT nationally rebooted it's coaching models, we looked at opportunities for PCA to collaborate in the areas of standards, curriculum, and sustainability. PCA and TFT were natural partners that benefited from each other’s strengths while broadening their reach into complimenting areas.

Coincidentally, SAGA has helped finance a study being done by BridgeSpan research group to re-evaluate the curriculum and program implementation of TFT nationally. BridgeSpan is a research organization founded by Tom Tierney, a good friend and mentee of our founder, Bill Laughlin.

Kalamazoo College

SAGA Foundation's founder, Bill Laughlin, had a long and successful history with Kalamazoo College. In his honor, we put together a package of initiatives benefitting the students and the college that included community outreach, leadership, and support for the underserved. Working with the college, we developed the Laughlin Leadership Award, which is given to two students every year. We are working with Kalamazoo College to bring the community's underserved youth on campus to use the SAGA-funded Golf Lab.  


Management Leadership for Tomorrow

SAGA connected MLT to other SAGA grantee organizations that see value in collaborating. This effort resonated with Kalamazoo College, and SAGA was happy to fund the pilot program. MLT is assisting the college in identifying and engaging qualified minority students that could benefit from developing a broader skillset. MLT has a proven track record for putting students on a path leading to our nation’s finest institutions and most successful boardrooms. In Spring 2020, Kalamazoo College was scheduled to fly four of its best and brightest students to attend the MLT event at Facebook and Google. These students would return as ambassadors of the program and spread the word on the Kalamazoo Campus. This initiative is currently on hold due to Covid-19, and we look forward to getting it off the ground in 2022.

Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center (REC)

Expansion of Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center education programs into San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties. REC transforms lives by bringing the power of entrepreneurship to lower-income individuals and communities. From a collaborative perspective, we have challenged REC to work with our other grantees. We are exploring the possibility of having REC’s Financial Literacy classes melded into the curriculum of Advent Group, The Veteran’s Resource Center, JobTrain, and Generations United. If this comes to fruition, this would be one of our most significant collaboration efforts to date and raise the prospect of changing the lives of many of our underserved struggling to break out of generational poverty.