Who we are

Who we are

SAGA Foundation was born in the shadow of 9/11 as a vehicle for Bill Laughlin (founder) to expand his life-long mission of giving. Early on, SAGA was an organization dedicated to raising awareness and creating models for action to increase nuclear safety and security. Drawing on our founder’s vast experience in business and global politics, we explored ways to inform and gauge the general population’s interest in constructive measures to make the world a safer place. 

In 2018 we expanded our mission to include Leadership, The Underserved, and Global Peace. Along with expanding our scope, we set our sights on working more closely with our grantees in a campaign we call Convene, Collaborate, Create.

Since employing this collaborative approach with our grantees and peer foundations we have implemented over 25 initiatives.  For more information on our Convene, Collaborate, Create campaign see our work in progress page.




We believe that our size, entrepreneurial spirit, and collaborative approach make us uniquely positioned to provide timely and targeted resources to our grantees and peered partners. As a team, we believe that critical problems require bold actions, and we look forward to working with organizations that value these qualities.

David Bartoshuk
David J. Bartoshuk

Director and President of SAGA Foundation since 2006, Mr. Bartoshuk has over 40 years of business and philanthropic experience.  Originally from Michigan, the entrepreneur and real estate broker has lived in the SF Bay Area since 1978. David has served on several nonprofit boards and is the founder of Summit Asset Management Corporation. He lives in Redwood City, CA with his wife Barb. They have two children, Megan and Nathan, and a dog named Tucker

Julie Johnson
Vice President

Julie has been a SAGA Director since 2006 and currently Vice President of SAGA Foundation. Ms. Johnson worked with our founder for over 40 years. Over the years, she worked with him on community philanthropy and his global peace efforts. Julie currently resides in Rancho Mirage, California, where she enjoys golf and frequent visits her two daughters, Jill and Sarah, and their families.

Sherie Berger
grantor committee member

Before joining SAGA’s Grantor Committee, Sherie held Executive Human Resources positions at Dolby Laboratories, Hewlett-Packard, and Apple Computer. Her BA in psychology is from San Jose State University, and her MBA is from the UCLA Anderson School of Management. She lives in Menlo Park and has two children Mark and Jennifer, and two granddaughters Vivien and Josephine.

Our Founder

Bill Laughlin was a change agent. He never boasted or took much time celebrating his many successes, but rather focused on ways the outcome could be better. During his lifetime, he sat on over 40 Boards of Directors and was a consultant to world leaders. He used his success in business running SAGA Foods as a springboard to make the world a better place through caring. He was as comfortable talking with world leaders as he was in the kitchen visiting with the dishwasher. READ MORE

Bill Laughlin with dog