Underserved Youth

Our founder, Bill Laughlin, grew up during the depression and as a result he supported a variety of organizations dedicated to helping those who were suffering through no fault of their own.  SAGA Foundation is dedicated to carrying on this work through its continuing efforts to support organizations that we have helped in the past as well as seeking out new organizations that are looking for impactful, long-term solutions to provide a hand up to the less fortunate.

Organizations SAGA has partnered with in the area of helping underserved youth

  • ChildHelp
  • JobTrain
  • SparkPoint
  • Magical Bridge
  • U.S. Military Veterans
    • Fisher House
    • Warriors Canine Connections
  • Weingarten Children Center
  • Second Harvest Food Bank
  • The Boys and Girls Clubs
    • St. Helena & Calistoga
    • Coachella Valley
    • Of the Peninsula