While the threat of a nuclear war may appear to have diminished with the end of the Cold War, the likelihood of a catastrophic event involving nuclear weaponry has greatly increased.

Saga Foundatiison a non- partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness and creating models for action to increase nuclear safety and security.

Q: How much highly enriched uranium is necessary to build a simple nuclear bomb?

A: To build a simple portable weapon, only
15 to 55 pounds of highly enriched uranium
is needed. 15 pounds of highly enriched
uranium would fit into a coffee cup.


“…in describing a nuclear terrorist attack it is...the ultimate depressing thing. It will happen. It's inevitable. I don't see any way that it won't happen.”

Warren Buffett,
Chairman and CEO, Berkshire Hathaway

As a nation we need to come to GRIPS with
why nuclear terror would be the worst disaster

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Our Vision

Saga Foundation envisions a world free from the catastrophic
effects of the use of nuclear weapons.

SAGA Updates

Report says lack of focus on threat of nuclear terrorism stems from failure to grasp global economic consequences of a nuclear terrorist attack.

Nuclear terrorism, a stated top concern of both major-party presidential candidates, is garnering little attention as an issue because of a failure to focus on the global economic consequences of such an attack, according to a new report by the Saga Foundation released today. The report, Nuclear Terrorism: Local Effects, Global Consequences, contends that a nuclear terrorist attack is the most serious threat to the U.S. homeland and the most likely nuclear attack scenario the nation faces. While the destructive effects of nuclear weapons have been studied in detail, the economic aftershocks likely to follow such an attack have received scant attention.

Press Release (PDF)

Report: "Nuclear Terrorism: Local Effects, Global Consequences" (PDF)
(Executive Summary)

Report: "Nuclear Terrorism: Local Effects, Global Consequences" (PDF)
(Full Text)

Additional information to the report:
Findings of the survey "The Language of Nuclear Terrorism" (PDF)

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